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Amvest is a boutique investment banking firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, public and private divestitures, management buyouts, acquisition searches, private equity,  financing, including real estate, turnarounds and other corporate finance matters.

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Pre-Sale Positioning

Whether you are considering selling your business now or sometime in the future, the most important thing you can do to ensure a successful and profitable sale is to take the necessary steps to properly position your business for sale. There are hundreds of reasons why a company is difficult or even impossible to sell, but most are attributed to a lack of planning.


In many ways, selling a business is like selling a house. The better a house looks, the faster it sells and at a more favorable price. The goal of pre-sale positioning is to either eliminate or mitigate any negative aspects that may hinder the sale, as well as to highlight the best aspects of the business. In addition, this is the time to recast income statements and balance sheets.


While each situation is unique, often there are many solutions to any one situation. The major issues owners must deal with when positioning a business for sale include:

  • Decision making – The decision to actually sell is not a decision to be made lightly. It effects your future and that of your family and is often very emotional.

  • Management issues – Employment contracts and non-compete agreements need to be explored. It is important for a new owner to know key managers will stay and that none will leave and compete with the company.

  • Facilities – Appearance, lease and rent arrangements are important factors. An attractively maintained facility tells a buyer a great deal about the company.

  • Financial statements – Financial statements should be audited or compiled by a competent accountant or CPA. Making sure all assets and liabilities are properly reflected on the balance sheet and nonrecurring expenses for a new owner are easily identified are issues to address.

  • Legal considerations – It is important to make sure your corporate records are up-to-date and any legal issues resolved.

  • Tax planning strategies – Regardless of whether the company is a "C" corporation or "S" corporation, estate planning is an area of extreme importance and ultimately effects the net cash received.

  • Price expectations – This is the time to obtain a realistic valuation and understand the price being paid for your type of company in the current market and the factors that either increase or decrease the price.

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