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Amvest is a boutique investment banking firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, public and private divestitures, management buyouts, acquisition searches, private equity,  financing, including real estate, turnarounds and other corporate finance matters.

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Characteristics of a Successful Management Buyout


  • A proven track record in a large company or division as chief executive officer, president or general manager with bottom line responsibility.

  • Has in-depth knowledge of the industry the target companies operates in.

  • Can demonstrate a true desire to build a great company.

  • Preferably knows or believes the target company is or may be available for acquisition.

  • Preferably can assemble a top management team to run the acquired target company.

  • Preferably has previous experience in making acquisitions


  • Revenues of $25 million with no upper limit.

  • History of profitability

  • History of growth through acquisition or internally.

  • Have a minimum  recast EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization).

  • Preferably a leader in the acquisitions targets industry or segment.

  • Preferably possesses proprietary products.

  • Target companies can be private, divisions of public companies or *public corporations. *additional requirements for public companies.

  • Preferred target industries include manufacturing, distribution, business services, some technologies and others.

  • Industries of no interest include real estate, oil and gas.

If you have questions as to if you or a company may qualify feel free to contact us to discuss.